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Poetry in Glass

Welcome to My World, home of beautiful glass ornaments. The inspiration for my designs comes to me from many sources:
my travels in Europe, Russia, and the Orient; my studies in Italian, French and Psychology; my former life as a ballet dancer and dance
therapist, and my experience as Vice President of Marketing for my family’s company, Creative Art Flowers, Inc.

My mother was a dress designer and I think this is how I have developed my sensitivity to color palettes. I grew up surrounded by wonderful textiles that my mother would use to design her creations. Another strong influence is my Arabic heritage to which I attribute my love of intricate design and quality craftsmanship. Along with these many diverse influences, I love to write poetic verse. These ideas and images serve as the prime inspiration for my designs. My poetry has appeared on the pages of my earliest catalogs, and gives the reader food for thought while they peruse my many and varied designs. As there is never a dearth of inspiration for the poems, I never feel at a loss in creating new designs.

When you visit us, you will discover wonderful and unique limited edition Santas like the Fur Hat Santa, trimmed with real maribu, the Button Santa, from a forties button cover, and the Windswept Santa, from a Russian paper mache ornament. Over the last twenty-one years I have become known for elegant and oversized floral designs on glass. These are meant to be displayed year round. I also have what I would call “something for everybody”: whimsical beaded ornaments, wild animal figures and dinosaurs, clip on birds like many of our grandmothers collected, and finials for every tree and every budget. My wish is that ornaments remind us of our most highly cherished values - beauty, family, faith, and tradition - the values that take nurturing to flourish, not just at the holidays, but all year long. If my ornaments give you joy and add a sense of poetry to your life, and to the lives of your loved ones, then I consider my work a success. Enjoy my website and come visit us often!